10 bit color breaks Matlab GUI

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in our lab, we are currently testing the ability to use Linux and our 10 bit monitor (Eizo) with a Quadro P6000 (Ubuntu 19.10 desktop) and K620 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop) to display 10 bit color via Psychtoolbox in MATLAB. To do this required specifying ‘DefaultDepth 30’ in an xorg.conf file. Anyway, we have successfully opened 10 bit windows, but ONLY if Matlab is running in text only mode in a terminal. If we run Matlab as a GUI, we find that it is not able to adapt to the enforced 30 bit display depth. It then crashes. See attached image (https://i.stack.imgur.com/JkWzu.jpg).

Does anyone have any tips on how to force MATLAB to open as an 8-bit color application in this case?

We can confirm that it is unrelated to the age of the machines. The mentioned Ubuntu 19.10 machine is only about a year old and has very good hardware.

Many thanks, Rob

Depending on which toolkit (GTK, Qt, etc.) MATLAB uses to render its GUI, you may want to search for ways to configure that particular toolkit.

Thanks! Seems like it uses GTK. I looked at similar issues with GTK applications. It seems to be a common problem for GTK and some apps (e.g., GIMP) were only updated in the past few months:


I will play with some other settings and send a message to the GTK team and the MATLAB support.

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