10 gig LAN - kernel bypass - not supported?

what is the type of hardware acceleration the 10gig interface on jetson Orin has? Specifically what kind of kernel bypass software for udp may be used?

Sorry that I am not quite sure about the hw acceleration you mentioned. Do you see any feature list talking about this?

Hi @WayneWWW
you may see an example in the pdf https://courses.engr.illinois.edu/ece598hpn/fa2020/slides/lect17-kernelBypass.pdf
or e.g here Using the Network Data Path Bypass Capability for UDP - Administering TCP/IP Networks, IPMP, and IP Tunnels in Oracle® Solaris 11.4
Does AGX Orin benefit from the feature?

More reference

“you have a kernel bypass driver
Like open on load”

More reference:

will this work on Orin?