100% CPU Usage in System Monitor?

Hi Everyone,

Brand new to the forums, Linux in general, and the TK1. I’m up and running, but performance thus far is dragging with 19.2. Using just one tab in Firefox is maxing out two of my cores. This isn’t normal, is it?

I guess that depends completely on what the web page is doing. How did you check that it’s maxing out the cores? Did you check that they are running 2.3GHz all the time?

I also suggest to update to the latest release before doing anything else.

Thanks for replying, Kulve! The tab I had open was Gmail. But even when I open Firefox with a blank tab, System Monitor is reporting two cores running at 100%. I didn’t check the actual clock speed, I was just concerned at seeing them run at 100% in system monitor because everything seemed so choked up.

My favorite cpu monitor on Jetson is htop, but you have to compile it (doesn’t require a lot of fuss to build). Check here for source:
It’s basically a version of “top” which is modernized.

Thanks for the suggestion, linuxdev. Even if I’m monitoring it real time, do those symptoms sound normal to a brand new Dev kit? I do know that 19.3 was a big update, but it seems odd to me given the performance others seem to have gotten out of these right out of the box.

htop is pretty standard and as such also in the main repository. So apt-get install htop will suffice (at least for the “universe”).

top or htop can show you what is using the CPU. The system itself is probably not an issue…the question is what is using it. Dev kits don’t consume CPU per se, and the operating system is a fairly standard Ubuntu LTS (L4T just customizes Ubuntu).

In the case of web browsers, CPU consumption depends on more than one thing. The browser itself is the first thing, the second is whatever active content runs in it. When the browser runs nothing, it should not use much CPU…but what the browser shows in its display does not mean it isn’t running anything. Quite possibly its setup tells it to check for updates or contact some web site on startup. Should the site it contacts not provide network data, it could either stall and do nothing while waiting, or else be churning massive CPU use checking/polling for data.

More often javascript or flash player is at fault…javascript is one thing that might sit and churn and consume CPU waiting for data, while adobe flash is just buggy and can lock up or behave badly on some flash apps for almost any reason under the sun.

Should top or htop show firefox is the consumer of CPU, strace or ltrace can show what’s going on with so much activity…but unless you know how to read the system calls this huge chunk of debug output is probably going to be meaningless. I’d start by trying to make firefox display only a blank page while the network is disconnected.

Whatever configuration is causing firefox to do this, flashing to R19.3 might solve it simply because of things like firefox being updated to a new configuration. There is also a lot of Amazon garbage in Ubuntu LTS which could be removed (I’m not on my dev machine at the moment so I don’t remember the commands to remove Amazon items), and is high on the list of suspects for CPU consumption. Anyone here remember what the commands were to remove the Amazon market items?

Its probably something like this

sudo apt-get purge unity-webapps-common

or this

sudo apt-get purge unity-lens-shopping

I removed amazon using software center though

I just found notes on another way to deal with Amazon in Jetson:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Lenses disabled-scopes "[more_suggestions-amazon.scope, more_suggestions-u1ms.scope, more_suggestions-populartracks.scope, music-musicstore.scope, more_suggestions-ebay.scope, more_suggestions-ubuntushop.scope, more_suggestions-skimlinks.scope]"