1000 value color picking program

Hi All,

I created a simple jQuery app that allows a user to compare two 256 value RGB colors to each other. Here are some images of how that app looks: http://imgur.com/a/r8CLh

I now want to know if it is possible if I use a K2000 graphics card, https://www.pny.com/nvidia-quadro-k2000 , if I could create a program that allows a user to compare all 1000 gray levels that the K2000 graphics card offers. Essentially how can I create a program that uses the K2000 to display on a monitor all the 1000 gray levels the graphics chip offers?


Have a look at this post and follow the link there to the documentation and example code on how to display with 30-bit color or 10-bit greyscale with OpenGL on a supported monitor: