12V shutdown for Xavier NX

Continuing the discussion from Jetson shutdown at 12V during benchmark:

It appears that we may be experiencing a similar issue on the NX. Does this same issue also apply to the Xavier NX? Product Design Guide v1.7 omits the section referenced in this post.

Are you testing on Xavier NX devkit? NX is different to AGX. Please use tegrastats to show the power status of each domain. Also please share any log info when issue happen.

No, this is for the 8 GB NX module mounted on an 3rd party carrier board. If the unit is powered down immediately after the CNN process begins, how will we see anything meaningful from tegrastats?

What’s the meaning of “CNN process”? Did you meet any issue? As said, NX is different to AGX. Custom design needs to follow NX DG well.

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