15.7 kHz in graphics driver


I would like to know if there is any option to have any nvidia graphics card from 200 series and above working in 15.7khz at 640x480 max resolution.

I use to restore arcade machines as a hobby and mostly need to change the arcade CRT for TV CRT using a custom made vga/dvi to scart cable.

I’ve tweaked a 9800GTX with the first driver version who came with the card (I think it was 174.74 WHQL) and Soft15 Khz, WinModelines and PowerStrip. It kinda works but it’s quite unstable and I would like to use modern graphic cards such as my 770gtx whitout needing to add those software tweaks.

The point is that with new drivers, it’s impossible to make the card work at 15.7khz so I can’t use it for restorations and I need to buy the ArcadeVGA which is so outdated and expensive.

As an example, here is my last restoration from a Virtua Striker arcade to this one:


Thank you guys!