1660 Ti no longer support CUDA?

I was setting up environments on my laptop with 1660 Ti, and I found out that 1660 Ti is no longer on the list.
CUDA GPUs - Compute Capability | NVIDIA Developer
Some old topics indicated 1660 Ti should support CUDA, did NVIDIA decided to ban us from do ML using 1660 Ti, 1660S, 1660, 1650S, 1650 recently? Because I can still remember that I ran some model back in June.

It still supports CUDA. There have been no changes in CUDA support on 1660 Ti

Are you sure? It’s not on the list anymore.

Edit: I found out that those Anaconda environments I created before are able to run GPU, I will give it a few more tries.
Edit again: Thank you for your replying, and sorry for the impolite, I was in a rush so I forgot to say thanks.