1660Ti : no display until X starts


I guess that won’t really be a FreeBSD specific question, but I recently moved from a GeForce 970 to a 1660 Ti (evga based). The 970 seemed to boot fine on DVI, but the 1160 wont display anything at first (the monitor, an Asus, will act if no input is provided).

However If I wait enough for the boot process to go on until the X server start, the display will happen.

What can I add? The nvidia driver is loaded not from the bootloader itself but soon in the boot process using the nvidia-modeset kernel module. I don’t have any DP/HDMI cable yet to test if I can switch to another port.

I can use my desktop like that, but I’m locked from UEFI/BIOS parameters and regular console… Can I do anything?