16x2 LCD not displaying anything - pinout connection questions

I have a Xavier NX and I’m trying to get an 16x2 lcd screen to display a few strings. Currently, the screen is backlit, but no characters are being displayed. I am trying to debug the issue so I want to make sure that the pin connections make sense.
I connected the pins as following:
LCD 1 (gnd) to Jetson pin 6
LCD 2 (5v) to Jetson 2
LCD 3 (Gnd) to Jetson 9
LCD 4 (RS - Register Select) to Jetson 7 --This is my main question - is this problematic?–
LCD 5 (R/W - should be Grnd) to Jetson 14
LCD 6(Enable) to Jetson 15
LCD 11 (D4) to Jetson 29
LCD 12 (D5) to Jetson 31
LCD 13 (D6) to Jetson 33
LCD 14 (D7( to Jetson 32
LCD 15 (LED +) to Jetson 4
LCD 16 (LED -) to Jetson 39

I used the following for pinout reference: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX GPIO Header Pinout - JetsonHacks

I would appreciate if someone can tell me if the lcd 4 to pin 7 is problematic or not (if not, are any of the other pin connections I made can be the cause of the problem?) I am trying to figure out whether the problem is with the pins connections or the python code. Thanks.

Additional info: The LCD is this: LCD-016M002B 16 x 2 Character LCD | Vishay
Python code used: GDB online Debugger | Code, Compile, Run, Debug online C, C++
Note - in the python code, this code is broken down in two files the first file is the library file and after the long comment on line 188 that code is in another file that utilizes the library to print strings (Right now it is printing specific debugging strings)

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


Yes this is an open issue. Thank you for the response @kayccc

Such panel is not using our driver to run. So I don’t have suggestion for this.
You can check the pinmux setting first to see every pin is the expected function.

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