177.11 Display Driver Issues and SDK nbody

The normal installation of the driver locked out windows as it prevented a successful boot. This was solved via a safe-mode installation.

For CUDA 2.0 beta sdk. toolkit, and 177.11 driver: The nbody project seems to lock-up every 5 seconds or so after recompilation of the source code. The error however was not present when an older executable of the nbody was run ( built with cuda 1.1 sdk,toolkit). The problem persisted after reverting to CUDA 1.1 sdk and toolkit while using the same 177.11 driver. When I reverted the driver back to 174.55, the problem was fixed.

Additional sdk issues: FluidD3D9 has some issues along possible thread columns near the edges of thread blocks with the new driver.

Also, for some other project, the use of short int and unsigned short int as registered caused some issues after the update. Maybe due to being 2 bytes although the use of unsigned char didn’t give grief.

nvidia 8800 gtx, nforce 680, winXP