177.73 and 177.73 C1060 drivers

What is the difference between the Linux 177.73 C1060 and non-C1060 driver packages? A binary compare shows they are identical.

This is true for both the 32 and 64 bit RHEL 5 driver packages.

This is an excellent question. I am using the normal packages on my multitude of C1060s just fine.

Thanks for the note, Tim. I was dreading switching drivers back and forth.

Got a real answer from the driver team: the C1060 driver link won’t always be the same as the other driver link because the C1060 driver link will be a baseline known good driver for C1060, while the other driver release may be a slightly more bleeding edge driver.

Basically, if you want to release an app and qualify it against a known driver version, use the C1060 link–otherwise use the latest.

Thanks, Tim.