178.13 driver For windows

Noticed that a new driver - 178.13 is now available for download. Thought people might like a heads-up!

I won’t install it until it has been tested by an armada of guinea pigs

Does it support CUDA 2.0?

We have an specific Forceware Driver Thread…

All our drivers are tested by several armadas of guinea pigs (and Microsoft) before release.

Does this driver contain the Windows-specific secondary card watchdog problem fix ? I mean, will the kernel be able to run as long as it is needed on the secondary card under Windows with this driver ?

Digital vibrance doesn’t work for me & lots of others it seems, first driver ever that’s done that with me. Strangely tho the colour seems set 50% as it looks o.k & not dull

Q: Are guinea pigs color blind?

A: no they are the only rodent that can see in colour

(found above blurb on the WikiAnswers page)

So something was not right with the guinea pig armada. They should have noticed before release…

Nice, they support CUDA 2.0!


Can anyone confirm the CUDA memory bandwidth slowdown (177.xx vs. 174.xx) has been fixed with this release?

Any other CUDA-specific improvements?

Thank you,


if it doesn’t, I will not bring the driver team delicious cookies.

This driver does not contain the fix for the watchdog.

mfatica says that it does not …

Really, I can hardly get it: one of the most nasty, annoying and well known problems can’t be fixed for months!

Oh …

Device-to-device bandwidth is still low with 178.13! >.<

I used to get 57+ GB/s (G92) with 175.14, but I get 51 now!

Nearly all my projects are bandwidth-limited, so this translates in a significant slowdown.

It looks like the slowdown occurred a couple months ago at least, as reported in this forum (all the 177.xx family have slow D2D bw): when can we get our bandwidth back? :(

Same problem for Windows XP and Linux64, by the way.



It is a pity.

The Windows-specific primary and secondary card watchdog problem

is real big barrier for many scientific and manufacturing applications.

that link is for windows users.

you might say people respond to that use linux but you might want to read the thread and see.

i didnt see anyone say they uses linux on it.