185 /190 drivers and F@H in Linux.

I am running the Folding@Home project’s CUDA based GPU client in Linux.

See this guide for how it was setup

It has been working fine until the 185 and 190 series drivers were released. The wrapper being used supports all the CUDA calls that F@H uses and according to F@H they have not added any new CUDA functions that are newly supported in the 185 and 190 drivers. If I remember correctly they are still using functions first supported in CUDA 2.1.

Given all of that we have multiple reports of any user upgrading to the 185 or 190 drivers are now getting Unstable Machine errors immediately when starting F@H.

Here are some reports of this:

What would have changed in these drivers that would effect how a CUDA 2.1 compatible app runs? The windows 185 and 190 drivers are not effected, yet I was told that the code used for CUDA is the same across all platforms with the exception of openGL and Directx specific code (which F@H does not use).

Just so I am not misunderstanding anything, this is actually a WIN32 folding at home client being run in WINE, with some sort of CUDA wrapper DLL to provide glue between WINE and the native linux CUDA API?

Yes this is correct. The code for the wrapper can also be supplied if needed.

Same issue with boinc which was under investigation …

185.18.10 CUDA does not work, 180.X sires sorta works…

It sounds similar. The 180 series works perfectly for us. Is there a way to submit a bug report for this?