1D CUFFT with 2D image line by line

Hi all~

I’m trying to use cuFFT in my image processing project.

But I’m suffering.

I want to execute 1D FFT with 2D-Image but CUFFT doesn’t support it.

So I can’t help using “for”;

For example

#pragma omp parallel for ==> OpenMP
for(int i=0; i<imageHeight; i++)

But this code never executed on it which is not multi-processor but a single-processor (only one multi-processor with 8 cores).

So I can’t get my target performence.

Therefore I’m findding cuFFT source code.

If there is anyone who has CUFFT source code, could you share it with me?

Please let me have your advise…

Thank you for your kindness in advance. ^^


I’m not experienced with CUFFT, but why don’t you use a 2D CUFFT ?



After forward 1D FFT, I handling data and then inverse 1D FFT.

It is so difficult that handling data with 2D FFT data.

So I can’t help use 1D FFT.