2.3 release imminent?

The developer newsletter mentions the following:

Is it a typo or can we expect 2.3 soon?

uh yeah that is supposed to say 2.2. doh

Hah, I just popped over here to ask the same question. :) Was going to be stunned if 2.3 was turning around this fast.

2.3 isn’t a major feature release like 2.2 was. (look at me, spilling beans) Lots of fixes, including one thing I like a lot. (Ask yourself: what makes tmurray more angry than absolutely anything else? yep)

OK, you’ve got me. What 64-bit support is CUDA 2.2 missing? Or is there something that gets you angrier than the lack of support for 64-bit operating systems?

Have you removed the cutil “support” in the SDK ??? :)

Oh, you are very close :)

And no, I can’t remove cutil (cutil is fine for what it’s intended to do–make SDK samples shorter, not a general purpose library safety wrapper)

Hmm… the 32 bit and 64 bit SDKs living happily alongside? 32 bit and 64 bit CUDA DLLs finally deployable system-wide on the same machine?