[2.8.4] cookTriangleMesh() model file size limits

Geets all.

I using physX physics engine about 10 years. Current version i use is 2.8.4.

when code create trianglemesh by cookTriangleMesh() function, i see limit of verticies of 3d model, or indexes. If model more 200k - result function is FALSE, and .bin file is 0kb size.

i use OGRE graphics, and for generation phys .bin use FLOWER additional serialization, throught NxOgre wrapper.

PS.: if remove some indexes from data (about 100-200), generation throught cookTriangleMesh() function successful return true. But is damage some trianglemesh geometry, and last is non perfect for mapcreating.
I have no source code for PhysXCooking.lib, therefore cant find fixing for this limiting.

All need probe-data, i can share.

manuall correction of index data: http://i68.servimg.com/u/f68/14/41/04/81/045911.jpg