2 Graphic Cards And Displaying Video


I’m currently working with CUDA and 2 graphic cards, a 580 GTX (for compute) and GeForce 210 (for the display). I have to display frames (let’s say RGBA buffers )and the buffers are in 580 gtx global memory. Here are my questions

Can I output the frame without using opengl or directX and directly output them through the 580 GTX video output (VGA or DVI for example) ?

if it can’t be done, I’m going to use OpenGL to display frames, I’d like the video to output with the 580 GTX ( to avoid 580 GTX to GeForce 210 transfer),
is it going to be a problem since i have two graphic cards or will it be automatically displayed through the 580 gtx video output because the buffers are in 580 gtx memory ?

If you don’t understand i can try to rephrase better …