2 hosts for jetson

Is it possible to have two hosts for jetson, one for downloading the libraries and flashing and another for development work. I can use one for both in 1 but just that, it works better for me to have 2, because i cannot connect one host to the internet.


Hello @khoslaygr26,

it should not be a problem in terms of BSP compatibility, as long as you keep L4T version consistent across your machines.

I probably can’t give you a complete answer, but can you describe if the Jetson and hosts are connected by the same ethernet (wired versus WiFi as well)? Basically, you can manipulate default routes and network masks, and metric, to set up many things. You said you cannot access the internet on the development host, but it might be important to know if the dev host and internet host have some sort of possible indirect connection. Difficulty and details would differ wildly depending on network topology.

Btw, this is basically standard for all Ubuntu and Linux, so you wouldn’t need to know anything specific to a Jetson. If you see content on the internet about setting up different subnets or default routes or metric, then it would apply equally to the Jetson.

Hi, Is it important that the dev host and internet host be linked ?
If so how, I cannot connect the dev host to the internet. Only the internet host is connect via a ethernet port with jetson connected on the same network.

Only if you are flashing. If you are doing something like cross compile, and you already have all of your software you need, then it won’t matter if the host PC has internet.

Technically, if you use command line flash and the flash software is present on the non-internet host PC, then you can also flash without the internet. The JetPack/SDK Manager software is just a front end to flashing and has the internet access content. If the content is present already, and you don’t use the GUI to flash, then you would still succeed. I would consider it a bit painful to never have internet on the host PC, but for some purposes you would not need the host PC to have internet access.

I would consider that your non-internet PC must have some sort of ethernet to the Jetson even if you ignore the internet.

Thank you for clearing that up for me.