2 installation issues for Isaac 2020.1 and the workarounds I found

Isaac 2019.3 installation was uneventful, we were able to follow all instructions exactly as posted and ended up with a working system. However for Isaac 2020.1 we found that it is not possible to follow the installation instructions exactly, you run into 2 issuess:

Issue 1)

In the currently available SDKManager, if the target is a Xavier AGX, you can select Jetpack 4.4 or Jetpack 4.3.

If you select 4.4, the installation completes successfully on host and target, but then the Isaac software doesn’t work on the target.

If you select 4.3, then the target completes successfully, but the host Visionworks installation fails due to version* not found as shown below:

* 14:21:00 ERROR : VisionWorks on Host : E: Version '*' for 'libvisionworks' was not found
* 14:21:00 INFO : VisionWorks on Host : E: Version '*' for 'libvisionworks-dev' was not found
* 14:21:00 INFO : VisionWorks on Host : E: Version '*' for 'libvisionworks-samples' was not found

Extracting the specific commands from the SDKManager terminal and re-running them in a normal terminal fails the same way.

The workaround I found: Using SDKManager to install Jetpack 4.3 on the target, then after it fails to install the host software, switching the target to Jetpack 4.4 and re-installing everything except skipping the target reflash.

Maybe Nvidia can find a better fix by adding the repos or fixing whatever broken links are causing libvisionworks version* not to be found

Issue 2)

The script to install dependencies on the target does not complete all the way on a Xavier AGX with Jetpack 4.3 installed with SDKManager. The “jupyter” command doesn’t work in the script for some reason.

jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension

Workaround: rebooting the target and then copying/pasting that line and all following lines into a terminal window with SSH to the target works with no errors

in next release in August we will support JetPack 4.4.

@atorabi thanks very much for your comments and we’re very excited by the new features that are here already and the fast pace of your continued development

Just a quick note that for us any particular version of Jetpack is less important than just being able to follow the installation instructions. Right now it is not possible because of an inconsistency… selecting Jetpack 4.3 makes the target work but bombs out in the host because the specific version of libvisionworks cannot be found, and selecting Jetpack 4.4 makes the host install cleanly but then on the target Isaac has an undefined symbol.

Manually installing CUDA 10.0 didn’t work for us because we were missing the fix to the path pointed out by @michael.c.neil in post Isaac Sim Unity3D 2020 Undefined Symbol