2+ simultaneous pose trackers

Is it possible to run two or more Pose Trackers (with two separate actors providing mocap to two separate characters) live simultaneously in a scene?

Hello @noah.b.aust! Thanks for your question! I need to reach out to the dev team to get more information on this. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back!

Hello @noah.b.aust! Currently, running multiple instances of the Pose Tracker &/or recording mocap data for more than one actor is not supported. I did bring this up with the development team and created a Feature Request ticket for this capability so that the developers can look further into this!

Thank you Wendy! For context, my goal is to enable a live “metaverse podcast,” with two people both piloting avatars with Pose Tracker and Audio2face simultaneously. So two concurrent instances of Audio2face is a feature request I would also love to see.