2 Wheel Articulation for a 4 wheeled robot , the supporting wheels are sliding

Hi, I’ve used a 4 wheeled robot with two actuating wheels and two supporting wheels. The supporting wheels are seen to be sliding when the actuating wheels are moving. I tried to give friction but no help by doing so. Can you help me to prevent this sliding wheels?

Probably you still got a drive controller active. Also check if you have put in any limits on the revolute joint.

I’ve double checked it, and no limits on the joint. When I added another articulation controller, it works but turning now becomes a problem.

Hi @vyachu07 - Have you tried the suggestions mentioned in this previous post?

Hi, I tried all but of no use, you can see I’m also facing the slow rotation problem mentioned here : Issues with simulating Clearpath Jackal Robot with ROS connections

did you check if there are Joint Drive actives in the supporting wheels? if so you can entirely remove the Joint Drive from them, or set Damping and Stiffness to zero should also help.