2 x 2 Mosaic Video wall with top displays fipped / rotated 180 Degrees.


Looking for some basic knowledge on how to rotate the top two displays of a 2 x 2 video wall using the mosaic feature. resolution of each display is 1080p giving a total resolution of 4k/UHD.

Reason: I have access to 4 existing displays and If I can rotate the top two I can reduce the space between the displays (bezel is thinner on the top of the display than the bottom) then I don’t have to purchase 4 new displays. The power light and IR receiver stick out of the bottom of the display.

What nvidia software would I use, what programming language, is this the correct forum? etc.

I am currently using 2 x NVidia Quadro 420 graphics cards but I have a budget to upgrade them.

any info is appreciated.

Did you get anywhere with this? I have the same issue. A 2x2 mosaic. The top 2 screens are upside down.