2 x serial communication on TX2 + Avermedia EX731AA-N1

He Guys,

I have ordered the Avermedia EX731AA-N1 board for my project. My total project consists of the TX2 + Avermedia board + 2 Teensy 3.5 boards. I would like to use the TX2/Avermedia combo as the central hub of the system. I would like to receive and send data to the teensy boards from the central hub.

The Avermedia board only has 1 usb port, but also has 1 x UART, 1 x SPI, 1 x I2S, 1x I2C, 7 GPIOs pins. Is it normally possible to use one of these pins for serial communication as well? Do I need to set anything up to use other pins for serial communication with TX2?

I hope my question is clear!

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I don’t know anything about that board, but typically serial communications cannot be performed on a GPIO in a way which treats it as a simple UART. You can communicate with those as serial data, but it doesn’t have what is needed to treat it as a UART…you’d need to write your own custom software.

Also, if that one UART is set up for serial console, then it is inadvisable to remove that functionality for use as a general UART. If it has USB you might consider a USB serial UART (preferably an FTDI chipset).