2019.2 STOCK (default) carter_sim: scan_localization node crashing

Hi, I’m running the stock (fresh, default, included with the SDK) 2019.2 Isaac Sim and 2019.2 carter_sim and can confirm these were running properly on the original version, but in the new version every few seconds I get a crash in the scan_localization node (node stops with no error) that results in a stoppage of a few other nodes including global_localization, and ill effects can be seen in the Local and Localization views on sight, as well as the robot continually stopping or occasionally swinging out of control to overcorrect its orientation due to the gap in information about its environment.

Is this a known issue? My project is suffering from the same issues in scan_localization and I am not sure how to proceed as I’m not convinced this is an issue with my code.

Is anyone else experiencing this with carter_sim in 2019.2, or can anyone confirm their carter_sim is running fine in 2019.2?

Thanks for reading!

  • Travis

Sorry to bump my own post, but I see that I’ve gotten 0 views on this so far.

I only have one environment to test in - can anyone out there give me a sanity check and just tell me if your stock carter_sim included with 2019.2 (and using the latest Isaac Sim) either drives smooth, consistent and normally or experiences periodic stoppages and occasional strange turning behavior when run for a while (a few minutes of testing should be adequate)?

I just need to know if this is happening to anyone else or is simply an unknown problem with my environment.