2021.1.2 install error

I’m trying to update the latest Machinima 2021.1.2 but I keep getting this error:

Error occurred during installation of Machinima: Command failed: “D:\NV_Omniverse\Library\machinima-2021.2.0\omni.machinima.warmup.bat” --/app/environment/name='launcher_warmup’
The system cannot find the path specified.

I’ve also tried uninstalling Machinima and re-installing but I get this error also.
Has anyone else got this or know how to fix it?

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I, too, received that error when trying to install the latest version, 2021.2.0 of Machinima.

I had uninstalled the older version first (i.e. 2021.1.2).

So, I then tried reinstalling the older version and then installing the newest version, but the same error appeared.

EDIT: I just attempted to install the latest version again just now, and it actually worked this time. So, something must have changed with the files in the last 6 to 8 hours or so.

Ok, so it seems that previous error has disappeared; so I guess there might’ve been some update to the files?
Anywayy, I’m now getting a new error :(

When I tried to update I now got this:
Error occurred during installation of Machinima: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory, symlink ‘D:\NV_Omniverse\Library\deps\878055e26f92b25e12cd2bb55daa1282’ → 'D:\NV_Omniverse\Library\machinima-2021.2.0’

I also tried uninstalling and re-installing, but as soon as I click ‘Install’ from the Exchange tab, that error immediately pops up in my notifications.

Edit 1: I can go back and Machinima 2021.1.1.2 just fine. It’s only the new version giving me this error.

Edit 2: So I looked in my D:\NV_Omniverse\Library\deps\ folder and 878055e26f92b25e12cd2bb55daa1282 doesn’t exist so I guess omniverse is trying to connect to something that isn’t there?

When I click update/install 2021.2, it won’t start any downloading process either.


Also, although the new version seems to have the possibility to be installed in linux the install button is not showing up in the omniverse launcher.

Hi everyone. The dev team is aware of this issue and is working on a solution (Internal Ticket OM-40678).

Also see this forum thread: Machinima 2021.2.0 install error

I am Also having this issue still, Months later. Any fix? Ive even tried to download older versions of Machinima and still get the same error.