2022.1.0 View Crashing

Installed and manage to run view which was working fine until it crashes, then on whenever I try to open any (Even the demo samples like astronaut usd file) USD files it will hang and crash, sometimes stalling the whole computer.

Attached Log files here
kit_20220407_184120.log (501.1 KB)

Hi @DavidDPD! I took a look at your logs and I will need to have a developer take a look. While I ask for their help, could you let me know what your operating system you are using and your GPU / GPU Driver? They may ask me to get more information from you, but this will help point them in the right direction! Thanks for letting us know!

Hi Wendy,
Intel i9-11900, 64GB RAM
Windows 10 Pro (OS Build 19041.1415)
GPU RTX 3080 10GB, Nvidia Driver 511.17


I read through the provided log file. I found 3 warnings related to connecting to Nucleus and a single error regarding a remote server not supporting WebSockets.

Are you able to use other Omniverse apps? My initial impression is that this is a local networking issue or a possible Nucleus problem. I have not seen a similar problem locally.

I am able to use Omniverse Create 2022.1.1 just fine, similarly everything running locally on local nucleus. I would guess the error on remote server is trying to access the astronaut demo files on aws.

Would you share what version of the NVIDIA graphics card driver you are currently using, please?

HI Jeff,
Attached NV sys information Screenshot below. Thanks !

Recently upgraded workstation nucleus and please to report that view is not crashing on opening USD files again.

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