2022.2.0 always Unexpected quit

when i using the 2022.2.0, open the samples、isaac beats or the materials, the software usually get no response, and the Software interface become stucked, it seems that its because my network speed for accessing resources is too slow, sometimes the problem can be solved by waiting a moment, but it also possible to unexpected quit after a while. It is worth noting that this problem was not found in the old version 2022.1.1.

1, How to solve this problem? It just look like when download the resources, the software was run in single thread, causing to the no response
2, Or if i use the old version, i find the replicator tutorial has update to the new interface which 2022.2.0 is using, where can i found the old tutorial ?

Please share your Isaac Sim logs. It could provide clues to help root cause the issue.

Before running the samples, go to the Isaac Utils → Nucleus Check menu to see if there are any errors looking for the assets path.

where can i found the log ?

On Linux:

See 7. Setup FAQ — Omniverse Robotics documentation

@Robo_qq , can you please share the log?, we can take a look.