2022.3.0 Broke after using extentions

I had it running well until I altered some extentions. After a restart somewhere, it would only load for 3-5 seconds then hang, with one Kit.exe waiting for another Kit.exe.

I uninstalled it and reinstalled, to the same effect.

2022.1.5 still loads fine.

Is there a directory that does not uninstall that may be holding information that is sending 2022.3.0 into perpetual hang on some bad extention?


Hello @look0ut42! First lets try using the Omniverse Cleanup-Tool and see if that helps. If not, could you attach a copy of your logs found here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\Create? It might contain some information that will help us troubleshoot the issue.

Cleanup tool used, it reported issues as it was unable to delete a bunch of omniverse telemetry files, but was successfull otherwise. The reinstalled Mechinima still holds ‘recent files’ list, so some info stayed.

Create 2022.3.0 still will not run.
(Update- downloaded 2022.3.1 today, it will not run either.)

(any chance I can get a download link to the pervious version of Create to use in the meantime? cleanup wiped out my older versions, wow look at all this drive space!) NEVERMIND- Found It! Thanks!

loggy.txt (683.7 KB)

kit_20221215_231328.log (687.2 KB)

I saw someone recently had the same issue, (after updating Nvidia Studio drivers).
I realize I also updated those around the same time as I started having issues, so it may not have been the extentions at all… . Is there anything else I can erase before trying the tool again to make sure it clears everything?
Thanks, and Happy Hollodaze!