2022.3 BUG: Crash to Desktop - Physx?

So, I’ve attached the USD scene I’m using to repro and the crash dump that was produced.

Reproduction Steps:
1 - launch create 2022.3
2 - insert ‘houdini_particles.usd’ as a sub layer
3 - Set Stage Light to Camera Light
4 - expand sopcreate1 and select points_0 and Add Physics → Particle Set
5 - Ctrl + N for new scene, select Dont Save

houdini_points.usd (4.2 KB)
crash_2022-11-05_15-16-24_20944.txt (4.5 KB)

So, it seems that I cant actually attach the ‘dmp’ file because it’s being uploaded as a function of a crash handling process - so I’d assume you guys already have that.

Yes, I can see the crash dump, but I am not able to reproduce the issue. Will fill in a Jira ticket for the rendering team to double check, the crash happens in Light destructor.
Thanks for reporting, we will investigate.

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