23.976 fps in Create?

I am doing an animation based on footage filmed at 23.976. My timeline starts at 1001
Is there a way to enter a custom frame rate? 24fps seems to be the slowest option.
When I export animation pointcache of the camera and skinned mesh from maya it moved the keys the start at 0001 instead of where they are in Maya, at 1001. It would be better if it left the keys where they were.

By moving the keys to start at one there will be no slipping between the difference of 23.976 and 24fps, however, if the exporter put the keys where they should be then yes there would be slippage when I go to render and comp over the plate

Hi Delfemail,
That is a good question. Let me find out. Does that 0.006 fps make a difference ? Personally I would work the other way around and re-time the footage and then work at 24fps. Much easier.

pretty standard to work at these US frame rates. Once you get to around frame 1,000 that time difference does matter, and when you have a camera track and you need to render frames at the same frame numbers it all needs to stay at 23.976. You already have 29.97
But most TV shows are now shot at 23.976
An in a production it is often common to start at frame 1001 to allow for run up for simulations without going to negative frames