24VDC output from Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit - hardware for the relay?

Dear all,

I would like to turn on the 24VDC signal when the event occurs for 1 second. For example for an integration with the automation system.

I can already turn the output on / off by the Jetson.GPIO so the software part works.

I am looking for a proper relay to trigger it from the Jetson GPIO.

I had found that GPIO max drive according is very low.

I was expecting that it would be possible to connect the GPIO directly to the industrial relay (or developer kind of relays such as for Raspberry Pi or Arduino) but they seems to have following:
a) higher current to turn the coil on
b) often 5v instead of 3.3v (although 3.3v I had also found)

The general idea is to trigger the relay from the Jetson GPIO and pass the 24VDC signal through that relay.

I found that I can design and make my own circuit with MOFSET between the Jeston GPIO and the relay, but I am looking for “out of the shelve” components - I would like to avoid creating my own circuits.

Do you know if there are ready components that will work?

I can’t give you an answer, but do know that you need a non-inductive load. That means you need a solid state relay which will trigger with a 3.3V input. The output of course is whatever your load needs, e.g., 24V in this case. Solid state relays can also be found which use far less input current, and thus you might be able to find one which “just works”. On the other hand, if GPIO still cannot drive this, you could use something like a single MOSFET (or even old style bipolar device) to trigger the solid state relay without using any significant current from the GPIO (plus this offers the opportunity to trigger on 3.3V while adapting to a 5 V input).

Perhaps someone here has a suggestion for a specific solid state relay which works with the 3.3V GPIO.

Side note: Any inductive load risks destroying the Jetson.

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