2560x1440@144Hz not running at full 144Hz with "force composition pipeline" enabled

No real difference. Around 5% on kwin and 2% on Xorg, force pipeline on or off. Everything else is insignificant.

Real mystery, slowdowns reported but no cause. I guess you’ll have to wait for other users reporting the same.

That’s a shame but I guess there’s not much else I can do for now. Anyway, thank you for your time at least.


On the latest driver (460.32.03), “force composition pipeline” now works correctly if the second monitor is disabled, or more interestingly, if I lower the resolution to 1920x1080@144Hz on the main monitor. Previously the latter only worked if the monitor was connected over DVI but now it seems to work just fine over DP.

Is there anything I could do to help find out why 2560x1440@144Hz with a second monitor connected still feels sluggish when “force composition pipeline” is enabled? I tried lowering the resolution and refresh rate of the second monitor, as well as only enabling “force composition pipeline” on the main monitor but no luck.