2K and 4K Video Support

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I am rolling out XenDesktop 7.1 environment on XenServer 6.2 with both K1 and K2 cards. My client has asked if 2k and 4K video standards are supported. I have listed the 2k and 4k video resolutions below as well as the maximum resolution supported by the GRID cards. It appears that GRID can support over the 2k resolution but under the 4k resolution. Does anyone have any specific knowledge of 2k video working with GRID? Also, is any roadmap known for 4k support for GRID?

-2048 x 1080 (2k resolution)

-2560 x 1600 (maximum GRID resolution)

-4096 x 2160 (4k resolution)

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Hi Richard,

That’s a question that would be better directed to Citrix.

The K2 is equivalent to the K5000 which can absolutely deliver a 4K resolution. The challenge is then converting that to HDX, delivering across the wire and then decoding it.

As for 2048 x 1080 I see no reason that you couldn’t run that today if your display supported it as it’s below the 2560x1600 max resolution per display.

Thanks Jason!

So are the specs that I noted for the GRID cards not accurate? I ask b/c if the max GRID resolution is 2560 x 1600, then how could it deliver the resolution for 4k video at 4096 x 2160?

I’ll also get in touch with Citrix to find out what HDX can deliver.

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Hi Richard,

The specs are defined by the delivery mechanism to the display. Since no protocol currently supports anything greater than 2560 x 1600, if we published a spec you could get higher it wouldn’t be very honest!

The GPU is absolutely capable of delivering 4K (it’s the same GK104 GPU and 4GB of GDDR5 RAM as in the Quadro K5000). But the limitation is currently in the protocols and so we limit the available resolutions accordingly. Once a protocol can deliver 4K effectively, we can update the driver to expose it.

Hope that helps explain.

The new Tesla M6 and M60 (GRID 2.0) cards support 4k video.

Citrix put out a Support article on 4K recently


The K2 supports 4K in passthrough
M6/60 supports 4K in vGPU on the Virtual Workstation Extended profiles