2nd HDMI for TX1

what would be a recommended option to create a second HDMI or a display port connector. I am looking to run 2 separate screens from the TX1.


There is a full-size PCIe x4 connector. I’d just find an external video card using x4 or less.

EDIT: I do wonder though about the non-nouveau driver on ARMv8a. This might be a performance issue.

thank you!! but I am limited on space for what I am doing, any other recommendations?

There are half-height cards, as well as mezzanines to mount a PCIe at right angle (though I don’t know if the heat sink would get in the way).

Whatever is available would in part depend on what the second screen specs are. Running a small touch screen would be far different than a second screen at UHD. What do you want each video connector to feed to? What are the requirements?