2x Tesla C870 in one server


We would like to fit two Tesla C870 cards in one server that does have multiple PCIe x16 slots, but I don’t know much about form factors, dual slot cards etc, and I’d like to find out if two C870 are likely to fit in a server such as this one:


If not, any recommendations for a server that could handle 2 C870 cards well?



The URL that you provided is for a workstation, not a server. Is that what you intended?

Squinting at the 1 kW chassis picture on that page, it looks like they show it with 2 dual-slot cards in place. (The diagonal silver-colored bars look like the mounting brackets often used to hold the large heatsinks on dual-slot cards.)

Yep, that’s what I intended since it has 2 or 3 16x PCIe slots… If possible, we would prefer something more server oriented, such as a Dell PowerEdge 2950


But these servers only seem to have a couple of 8x PCIe slots, right?