2xA6000s + NVLINK + Mosaic

Hi everyone!
First off I apologize, I’m kind of new to all this stuff and I’m trying to learn as I go.
I am running into an issue setting up 2 A6000 cards with NVlink while also configuring two mosaics.

The way I have my system setup, it outputs a total of 8 displays, 4 from each card. I have 2 mosaics setup, 1 for each of the 4 connections so the computer sees 2 screens. All works great.

The problem I run into is when I go to enable NVLink, the option just isn’t there in the control panel. It shows up when I disable the mosaics and I’m back to 8 displays.

Is there a way to enable both Mosaics and NVLink? Is that a thing?
I keep seeing mention of “Premium Mosaic” using the NVLinks but I’m having trouble finding some relevant documentation to help me through that process.
I’ve also tried running only 4 of the 8 monitors using 1 card, while the other had 0 cables plugged in, but I still didn’t see the option to enable SLI after setting up mosaic.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi, what do you intend to use the NVlink for? Actually, there is no GUI to ‘enable’ NVlink…
NVlink can be used to sync the 2 GPUs, for spanning a single ‘Premium’=sync’d Mosaic across all outputs (outputs from 2 GPUs).
So if you run 2 Mosaics, one from each GPU, there is no sync between them, and to really make those ‘2’ Desktops=Mosaics sync’d, you’d actually needs the QuadroSyncII extra card…
You could create a single mosaic across all 8 outputs, and that would use=need the NVlink bridge to sync the clocks of the 2 GPUs…
Again, where do you think you can ‘enable’ NVLink and what do you aim to achieve?