3.3V Tolerance Enable

Hi NV Support Team
From the orin pinmux some pin use 1.8 power domain but it can change by 3.3V Tolerance Enable.
My query is that if the we enable the 3.3V tolerence.
Q1: The pin only used as open drain output with external pull up to 3.3V. Is it correct?
Q2: The pin input 3.3V dont have issue with 1.8V power domian?
Q3: The pin can not used as cmos push pull if enable 3.3V tolerence?

One more: what is LPDR enable feature?


You can treat it as a normal 3.3v pin if enable the 3.3v tolerance. You can get detail info about these in TRM. https://developer.nvidia.com/orin-series-soc-technical-reference-manual

So the 3.3V only used as open drain.

Yes, you can treat it as this.

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