3.58 driver or 340xx driver [With Report]

Hi to all!

I replaced my old 8600GT 256Mb with a 730GT 2Gb under Archlinux 64b/1680x1050 Monitor.

I thought that i needed to update the driver, from 340xx i was using, to normal 3.58… I did it but if i want to fit to monitor res. 1680x1050 59.95Hz image is shifted to left about 1/4 of screen.

Reinstalled the driver few times and always the same result. I gone back to 340xx and works perfect in 1680x1050 59.95Hz.

I use nvidia-settings to display the xorg.conf and compare between 340xx generated against 358 generated, both are identical.

I use the same configuration, only change driver: 340xx works at 1680x1050_59.95Hz, but 358 not works, i tried too with 355 version, without success. same result.

I tried aswell with nvidia driver provided directly from downloads form on webpage, not works, xserver dont start

I can only use 340xx, from archlinux repos…

Any suggestions?!, Woulg get much improves with new driver…¿?

I think this card is supported from newest driver, or not?


nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (81.6 KB)

The 700 series is definitely supported, by the current nvidia driver branch on Arch.
Have you tried deleting (renaming) your X11/xorg.conf? If you don’t want to enable fancy settings or the NVIDIA Coolbits overclocking option and you have a simple monitor that doesn’t need a custom EDID everything should work out of the box without a xorg.conf.

If it still doesn’t work, please follow the steps here:

And attach a bugreport to your post.

You could also try the latest beta driver:
Personally I haven’t experienced any issues with it, yet. But some programs seem to struggle a bit with the new GL dispatch mechanism (Civ V segfaults on start from what I have read).
When installing the nvidia-beta make sure that all relevant driver packages:
are the same version after installation (use pacman -Qs nvidia to list them). If the versions aren’t the same Xorg won’t start. If you also want to run 32-Bit 3D apps (most games are 32 Bit) also install lib32-nvidia-utils-beta and lib32-nvidia-libgl-beta.

Hi, blackout24, and thanks for your answer,

I posted the report when i start xserver with 3.58 driver (last one in Arch repos).

X starts, never used any xorg.conf. It started in auto res. 1680x1050 59.95Hz but stretched and shifted to left about 1/4 of the screen. No way to resolve this…

Perhaps tomorrow try with beta-drivers.

i got the same problem same resolution only working driver is 352.63 or below. all drivers after till 361.18 has the screen just shift to the right . tryed on ubuntu and arch . samsung monitor connected through vga

Hi, sorry for be late to answer again…

No luck with beta-drivers (thanks +blackout24), still the same,…

Tried again with drivers from Nvidia site, 3.52, and now works fine, (i dont know what happened before with them…),

As +lunario1 not luck with new 3.61 from Arch repositories, the same problem half screen shifted to left…

For me Only works 3.52 Nvidia site drivers, and rebuild module them every kernel update…:(

Thanks both