3.6.0-usd.200.2 missing bpy.ops.uv.pack_islands function signature mismatch with vanilla Blender 3.6.0

I’m trying to run a script that uses the bpy.ops.uv.pack_islands function with the scale argument set. The Blender API docs show this argument present in that call: Editing — Blender Manual

Also, I installed version 3.6.0 of Blender and inspected the function. In NVIDIA’s fork of Blender, the signature for this function is different, and causes my script to fail. Performing the same inspection in 3.6.0-usd.200.2 yields the following:


Hi James,

We can’t promise that all API calls will be 1-for-1 mapped to the official Blender releases. We build our version for the OV launcher off the running main branch, meaning we often get breaking changes introduced that won’t hit mainline Blender until a few months later.

The best thing to do for now is for your script to detect what can be passed.

Hi! We (as developers) have a question about GNU/GPL licensing of the branched Blender you’ve built for OV. Do you have to make any additions/new features/functions freely available, or… does operating Blender as a cloud service allow you to keep these private? The users interact with the Blender OV interface and APIs, but presemably only “take home” .blend files, which are their sole property.