3 monitors

I have GTX460. I tried to set up 3 displays (2 monitors connected via DVI and TV connected via HDMI) but I get following error:

MetaMode 1 of Screen 0 has more than 2 active display devices.

It works on Windows 7.

Maybe anyone can tell me whether I’m trying to do something that is currently impossible with Linux Nvidia driver or I simply did something wrong.

Yes, Fermi cards only allow up to two active displays per card.

I thought that applied to Windows also but I guess it’s a Linux-only limitation.

Yeah I was almost sure it was a hardware limitation. Like you could do two monitors and TV but that was over SVideo (not DVI/HDMI/DP). I am afraid atleast on linux you will need a kepler card which allows 4 display outputs at once (which I am doing on the machine I am currently typing from). IE you need a geforce gt 600 series or better. Some of the lower end models (under gtx 650 ti) are a mix of fermi and kepler so you have to be careful on those.