3 RTX 2080 TI Setup with 10 Monitors on UBUNTU 20.04

I have 3 RTX 2080 TI connected to 10 Monitors

Monitors Max Resolutions --all at 60Hz :

When i check the x-server with 455.45.01 , all 10 monitors are detected but only the first graphic card with four monitors are displaying but the second and the third graphic cards are displaying black screen with mouse cursor X

GPU-0 -> ( 4 x monitors ) active
GPU-1 -> ( 4 x monitors ) blank
GPU-2 ( 2 x monitors ) blank


Unfortunately, MOSAIC is not supported on our consumer GTX cards. Equivalent professional cards to drive 10 displays would be Quadro RTX4000, RTX5000, RTX6000 and the new NVIDIA RTX A6000.

For support for consumer cards please consider reaching out on one of the communication channels available here - Customer Support, Knowledgebase, and FAQs | NVIDIA


But this works perfectly on Windows 10, I don’t understand why it works perfectly on windows and not on ubuntu, they got to be a reason
I was able to make all the 10 monitors to display automatically without any configuration on windows 10 but when i tend to use Linux, it just doesn’t work, they have to be a way for this to work since it was able to work on windows, why not on Ubuntu or other Linux distributions?