304.* and 310.14 - Color correction doesn't work on the secondary monitor

Since driver 304.60, the color correction on the secondary monitor stopped working. The secondary monitor is a TV connected to a DVI connector, with an adapter from DVI to HDMI.


Hi Prognoz,

Does that also include 304.64? There was a related regression in 304.60 that should now be fixed in 304.64.

Hi Plagman, you are right, it’s working fine in 304.64, there’s a little problem that made me think that it wasn’t working: when i activate the secondary monitor, and then go to the monitor setup, the Color Correction tab isn’t there. What i didn’t see is that if a reopen nvidia-settings, the Color Correction is there, and it’s working. So there’s just a minor bug with the Color Correction tab. I installed the new 310.19 driver, and the color correction is also working, but also is present the same minor bug.

Thanks for all!