304xx driver / centos 6.6 / quadro / dell xeon can't get driver working

I have a work machine that is a Dell Workstation 490 running two dual core xeon processors that has an nvidia Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI graphics card. Running a fully updated Centos 6.6 OS that normally comes with the nouveau driver. Kernel is 2.6.32-504.3.3 . Can’t get the nvidia driver to work - tried the 304.88 driver (not compatable due to ABI 15), the 304.117 driver, and the 304.125 driver. The kernel module for the newer drivers fails to load as seen in the Xorg.0.log and messages files.

Running cmd: “lsmod | grep nvidia” reveals that the nvidiafb driver is loaded and cmd: “lsmod | grep nouveau” comes back with nothing. The kernel log message seemed to suggest that maybe the nouveau driver is interfering with it. I tried using elrepo and the .run files provided by Nvidia with the exact same result. I have the nouveau driver removed by blacklisting and removing it from the initramfs file using dracut. Maybe I should try physically renaming the nouveau module file?

Does anyone know a solution? Or can someone point me to the methods to troubleshoot deeper?

Ran the bug report script. The system is unable to load the nvidia.ko file via insmod or modprobe - it returns -1 No such device.

Finally got it working. Didn’t realize that the module nvidiafb was NOT part of the proprietary driver but rather something that comes in with the kernel update package. I had commented out the line in blacklist.conf that makes sure to exclude this driver. Putting it back in allows the driver to work. After all that I was a little bummed to find out that the card only supports OpenGL 2.1.2