319.12, optimus, no screen found

Hello! I have some problem with new 319.12 driver on notebook with optimus.
GeForce GT 620M, Intel Core i3-2370m
xorg.conf: http://paste.org.ru/?6rvt29
xorg error log: http://paste.org.ru/?ec3n3m

libXrandr : 1.4.0
randrproto : 1.4.0
xrandr : 1.4.0
xorg-server : 1.13.3
linux 3.9.0-rc6

So, where can be problem?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (54.4 KB)

I don’t think the BusID syntax is correct. X uses colons instead of dots. Try

BusID "PCI:1:0:0"

Thanks a lot, now it works! Here is another problem with resolutions, but I hope it will be solved in next releases.

I’m sorry for offtopic… But did I understand right, that it’s possible to run optimus and use nvidia card as default?

I already contacted help desk many times, but with no luck. They always promise only, that some Optimus driver is coming for linux. Listen, I bought a new laptop(hp dv-7) with Icore 7 3-rd generation. Laptop has no option in bios to force intel graphics off. It’s switchable on OS level. Is there any possibility to FORCE linux(xorg) use NVidia card and laptop’s display? I don’t care about powersaving at all, all I need is NVidia to work as rendering card, so that could use normal graphics performance.

Bumblebee(opensource solution) not to offer, it causes kernel crash for me and I don’t want type every time “optirun” etc. I want nvidia to be always on and work with built-in laptop display. And even if my laptop’s battery will not live so long - I don’t care.

Huge thanks!

Yes, it is possible, but with some screen tearing (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing) and short UI-freezing. So, if you want performance - yes, but better not now.

Why not now?
As I guess, your config shown abowe does something, that makes Xorg swith to Nvidia. Am I correct?

And if I’m correct, is it normally usable? Simply I need to make NVidia chip to work with laptop display already now, cauze there are many apps etc that not working normally with intel card. And bumblebee causes system stop responding in some 30 mins and brings to total Xorg distruction. And asking support when finaly normal optimus driver will release and what is current state of it’s development gives no result - all they tell is just to subscribe to news. But it doesn’t answer me the question if there is any progress and WHEN finally any usable even Beta release will be available. Maybe that will take half year till they release something and I’m simply unable to wait so long. If they’d tell at least something like beta will be in 2-3 weeks, then it’s worth to wait, but not knowing when and if there will be some progress - waiting is just a waste of time. I payid over 1000 eur for my laptop and it seems to me now, that thanks to “optimus” I just should though away that laptop and buy another one.

So if there’s any solution to turn off intel and make nvidia be primary(active render) card - please help me to do it. I don’t care about battery at all. If I only knew what kind of headacke optimus is, I’d never buy that laptop and thanks to nvidia having problems with driver support to their own technologies I will NEVER buy any hybrid, optimus and other shit like that. It’s a shame to Nvidia to have such bad support to their own technology. More over, it’s not only linux problem. It’s not working with any other than win7 and win8 OSs(including XP etc).

Chances are a modified/unlocked BIOS (say selecting NVIDIA as discrete, if the option is there) won’t work because most laptop configurations don’t actually have the right hardwired connections to begin with, so you might just end up with a non-posting machine this way… so beware and make sure you know how to restore original BIOS w/ appropriate recovery procedure if you attempt to do something like this. I attempted a similar deal with an Acer Optimus laptop a while back and it didn’t lead anywhere. Honestly… right now… Optimus support is just crap under Linux… it is what it is… I’m frustrated much like you, but when M$ is the cash-cow of the market… that’s just the way it goes.

Yes, you are correct, my nvidia card is now primary render, but nvidia card and intel(that is always ON and connected to LVDS) are not syncronized, so I get tearing, freezes and not the same high performance of openGl application as on windows. I can not even watch the movies without frequent freezing.
I think we should wait for a next driver.

and sorry for my english.

P.S.: you can use my config with correct BusID (as aplattner wrote). There is some more info about it: http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/319.12/README/randr14.html