32-bit and 64-bit only

I recently changed my work laptop due to the end-of-release of the old one. When I purchased license “PGI Accelerator Visual Fortran Workstation for Windows” last year, I downloaded “PGI Visual Fortran with VS Shell” with target for “64-bit & 32-bit” systems and saved a copy of pvf64-shell-153.exe on the old laptop. It was copied to the new laptop.

When I download PGI compiler for my new laptop from PGI website, it gives options of “64-bit only” and “32-bit only” for version 1510. So I chose 64-bit only. After installation and compiled my code, I found some significant difference in computing speed on the new laptop. I remember when I set up projects in the Visual Studio, there are options for 32-bit or 64-bit, although I downloaded 64-bit only version of the compiler. I used 32-bit option and compiled my code. The executable runs on the new laptop (64-bit system) on which it is compiled.

However, when I try to compare the computing speed on my desktop which has 32-bit system, the newly compiled executable cannot run properly on the desktop. Then I re-installed the 153 version from the old copy, (I changed the directories from the installation of version 1510 into different names). Same problem exists. After some investigation, I found that the some intrinsic mathematical functions, such as SQRT and ABS cannot be done on the desktop.

What was going wrong here? I want to create executables for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Should, and can, I install both 32-bit only and 64-bit only versions of the compiler on my laptop to achieve my purpose?
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I think you are seeing a problem with our online downloads.
We indicate PVF and Win64 only contain 64-bit products, but in
fact the 64-bit windows products also install the 32-bit versions.

As far as any runtime libraries needed on the target system
from the build systems, there are a few that are not in our
downloads, like the C++ redistributables pack from Microsoft.


Hi Dave,

Thank you very much!

I checked again, the executable compiled on the old laptop (I keep copies on the desktop) runs fine on the desktop.

The new executable compiled on new laptop runs okay on the new laptop.

Do you mean that my new laptop is lack of the libraries for distributing to target system (my desktop) together with the executable, or my desktop is lack of these libraries?
Where can I get these libraries and on which computer, my desktop or new laptop, should I install them?

Kind regards