32GB RAM version DevKit on Amazon. Is it real?

How is it that NVIDIA is listing a 32GB RAM version of Xavier Devkit for 699 on Amazon. And without all the heatsink, carrier board etc, a basic 8GB module cost similar amount ARROW!!

Clearly, Nvidia should simply sell its modules on Amazon and also bring on the 32GB version ASAP.


The 32GB Xavier on Amazon is the Devkit, the 8GB Xavier on Arrow is the production module. They have different specifications and warranty. As the production modules require higher quality gates they cost more compared to the developer kit.

I see the amazon URL with a $899 price tag (32GB RAM version). I’ve seen the 16GB RAM models for $699, but never the 32GB RAM version.

@dkreutz, that difference between devkit vs module isn’t lost on me. But it couldn’t really cost that much for better yield units. after all the increase is not in the Xavier chip itself but the amount of RAM thrown on the board.

What i was questioning was:
a. availability of 32GB unit.
b. price inefficiency in “Arrow” channel.
Clearly, if the 8GB stock is holding up 32GB “module” to come on market, then Arrow channel should be offering deep discounts :)

@linuxdev, you are correct. the price is now showing as 899. I should have bought more when it was 699 :)

The Xavier AGX DevKit 32GB is available through the Nvidia Store. I have one sitting here on my desk since two weeks. I am located in Germany and ordered through Nvidia Store, price (in Euro) is still the same as the old model.

Regarding other channels like Arrow - yes, they might have some of the models still on stock and try to clear stock.
In order to get the new xavier DevKit 32GB version make sure that model number is 900-82888-004X-000 (X depending on your region).