331.20, GTX 560 TI stuck at maximum performance level, Dual Monitors


I’m using a dual monitor setup (desktop spanning over the 2 monitors) with a GTX 560Ti an Ubuntu 13.10 64bit with driver 331.20.
DFP-1 is my left primary monitor connected to the hdmi port of my card with 1920x1080.DFP-0 is my secondary right monitor with 1280x1024.

I face the problem that the gpu is always running in performance level 2 and the cooler therefore on 47% despite having absolutely no load (0-2%) on the gpu. That’s annoying. Ít worked fine with a single monitor and older drivers (331.13) .

Is this some kind of limitation when using dual screens that the adaptive power management doesn’t work anymore or could this be a bug in 331.20 ?

Many thanks,
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (110 KB)

Typically having two monitors of different resolutions or refresh rates on Fermi and previous required the GPU to run at maximum clocks. That was my experience. I hadn’t heard that it was something fixed in a particular driver version.

I believe Kepler doesn’t have this limitation, but I’m not 100% sure.

That’s true - visit techpowerup for tests.

While Kepler “supposedly” allow multiple monitors and proper performance, in practice that is not the case in all configurations.