[334.16] crash in libGLESv2 with glGenBuffers()


With the newest beta driver, the frontend of MythTV crashes upon start. It resolves certain OpenGL symbols dynamically and thus ends up using libGLESv2. This causes a crash when it calls glGenBuffers().

Reducing it to a simple test case with just a call to glGenBuffers(1, &some_temp) from libGLESv2 reproduces the crash reliably here.

The crash does naturally not happen if Mesa is used-- neither with the test case, nor with MythTV.

Here is the connected bug report over at Gentoo’s bugzilla with some more infos:

I hope that helps. If there is any more info needed, please let me know.

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Provide more info.


archlinux users also suffer from this bug. Please, fix it.


BinaryKhaos, Please provide test case and compilation steps. Also pl. provide nvidia bug report

BinaryKhaos updated below on mail :


And thanks for the response.

This has been fixed on the MythTV side. Here a link to the MythTV tracker:

Even though I could easily reproduce this with a simplified testcase, I bet I was doing something wrong either and thus, forced the segfault. Strangely enough, though, Mesa did not segfault with the same testcase.

Nevertheless… if you still think it is relevant, I could write a few lines for the testcase. Just let me know.

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