343.22 GTX 970/980 support. HDMI 2.0?

Guys do not waste your time with HDMI2 and P series vizio tv’s that do not have a display port in.

Many are gaming on this screen (either 40" or 58" @ 4k x 60hz).
Google http://www.microboard.co.kr/ and you can see their models.
You can use a an EVGA 660 or above.

I have to laugh a responce to a post of mine quoting a link to another post of mine…

Anyway I wouldn’t expect parse-edid to support the newer HDMI standards (and newer revisions of CEA-861 which have 4k modes and extended EDID information). Also… EDID does not change if the connected machine is HDMI 1.4 capable or HDMI 2.0. Its the video cards job to know what it can/can’t do.

I trust the nvidia driver Xorg log output that the maximum pixelclock per EDID is indeed the 593.4 Mhz.

Anyway in the end the issue is these Vizio TV’s as they are not really HDMI 2.0 no matter how much they try to advertise that they are.

I stopped posting/looking here after I verified (with a different display) that the nvidia drivers are capable of exceeding HDMI 1.4 bandwith spec (I was able to do > 400 mhz pixelclock). Of course I was doing it on an HDMI 1.4 display so the display had issues but I atleast now the video card was out putting a signal which older drivers would not do at all.

I suspect Nvidia’s drivers are fine and will work with a display that is actually capable of taking a 4:4:4 60hz 4k signal (real HDMI 2.0). Unlike the windows drivers the linux drivers will not down sample to 4:2:0 which is the only way this TV will do 60Hz.

The few posts above mine seems to suggest that as well. I am very disappointed with all the aggrovation the stupid Vizio TV’s has caused me with their supposed HDMI 2.0 support when really its no different than HDMI 1.4 from a bandwidth point is concerned. I honestly don’t even see how they can legally advertise these things as HDMI 2.0.

The issue here is that the 4:2:0 color formats are currently not supported. A future driver release will reject those modes during mode validation and fall back to a supported mode.

see https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/779097/linux/blank-screen-4k-60hz-hdmi2-with-343-22/post/4354227/#4354227

Not trying to dig up something old, however I have relevant information in-case others find this thread via Google.

I am currently running a Vizio M43-C1 4k@60hz via HDMI on a GTX 970.

I had 2 of these TVs, it seems that Vizio Software Update breaks 60hz@4k. I have other problems like turning the TV on after Linux has booted will give me “No Signal”, however I believe OP’s problem was also likely caused by Vizio themselves, almost makes me consider taking it back and swapping for a LG or Samsung.