[35.3.1] one image fitting to four SOMs: Orin NX 8gb, Orin NX 16gb, Orin Nano 8gb?

May I ask is it possible for Jetson 35.3.1 to create one image to apply all three SOM SKUs, Orin NX 8gb, Orin NX 16gb, and Orin Nano 8gb with the same Xavier NX Devkit(NVMe)?

The answer is No, there are different SoM configurations in SW, not able to do auto config.

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From HW perspective , I think the only difference between Orin NX 8GB and 16GB is DRAM size , just like Jetson Xavier NX16G and NX8GB.

I know Jetson Xavier could share the same image. May I ask Nvidia has any plan to do one image applying to both Orin NX 8GB and 16GB SOM in the future?

Thanks a lot.

If your external storage(such as NVMe SSD) is same size for all Orin platforms, it shall work to generate one rootfs for all platforms. The initrd commands will be different to load corresponding DRAM setting for the module. For supported use-cases, please check


I don’t know what is your definition of “image”. If you are talking about the thing installed on external drive, then you can check “flash_l4t_external.xml” and see what got installed on nvme drive.

The one that has key difference is the kernel dtb. These 3 SOMs all use different dtb. So if your image is something installed on the nvme driver as the xml file. The dtb is the one that will gate you.

不好意思,貴司kayccc有提到"The answer is No, there are different SoM configurations in SW, not able to do auto config."

但是,我們這邊主管們想知道,過去Jetson Xavier NX16G and NX8GB可以使用同一個image package壓縮檔案燒到這兩個SKUs。

所以他們想確認的是,使用-massflash參數可以產生mfi_XXX.tar.gz,35.3.1能否產生出一個mfi_XXX.tar.gz,而這一個mfi_XXX.tar.gz可以共用Orin NX 8GB/16GB SOM兩個SKUs。
也就是說,這一個mfi_XXX.tar.gz可以分別燒在Orin NX 8GB的NVMe SSD上,以及也可以燒在Orin NX 16GB的NVMe SSD上嗎?

如果35.3.1沒有辦法達到,那Nvidia之後有any plan可以滿足這需求嗎,感謝。

沒辦法 如同我上面說的 目前也沒有計畫

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